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Mystic Spray Tan

Although Spray tanning may not bring out the Vitamin D that the tanning bed generates, the advantages of physical beauty through spray tanning for men and women are not comparable in both timing and results to other tanning methods. The benefits of an improved self-esteem from the appearance of the body, specially the skin, are essential in self-confidence at home, work, and wherever you may be.


Questions and Answers

 How does Mystic Tan deliver the perfect tan?
The Mystic Tan booth utilizes a spray on process designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each individual based on their body size, skin type and desired color. For each individual profile, three tanning level options are available to produce optimal results.

Inside the Mystic Tan room the tanner simply disrobes and enters the booth. With the push of a button the session begins with a fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched sunless-tanning solution being sprayed through the nozzles. Spray tanning ensures uniform coverage over the entire body, which the tanning solution instantly transforms into a quick natural-looking tan that continues to darken throughout the day.


Will it turn me orange?
No! In the past, self-tanners gave many individuals an unnatural orange glow and caused streaking. Most of these undesirable results were caused by improper or ineffective application techniques. Applying creams and lotions by hand usually results in excessive amounts being absorbed in the skin. Excessive amounts applied in a single application can give an orange glow to the skin. Unnatural dark spots may also appear in dry or thick skin areas such as elbows, knees, and knuckles because they have a tendency to absorb more of the cream or lotion. Hand held spray-on applicators tend to run and cause streaking. The misting technology used to apply the Mystic Tan tanning solution assures that all areas of the body get a uniform coating of the solution in the exact quantity required to produce a golden brown tan.


What should I wear in the Mystic Tan tanning booth?
Many people don’t wear anything. The room is completely private and if you would like to tan in the nude it is perfectly acceptable. However, if you do wear a bathing suit, underwear or anything else please be aware that whatever you wear may be stained. The bronzer we use for your initial color is water-soluble and should wash out of anything you wear, but the DHA applied may cause permanent stains on any clothing you may wear inside the booth. 


What can I expect during my first Mystic Spray Tan Booth session?
When you come in to All Fitness & Tanning, you will be asked to fill out a consent form.  Next, you will be guided to the Mystic Tan Spray Booth room and the consultant will explain how to use it. If you have any questions at this time, just ask!
          Be sure to watch the tutorial video on our website ( prior to coming in. Once in the Mystic Tan Spray Booth room, undress, put on the shower cap to cover your hair, and apply the barrier cream that is provided in the changing room. Then step into the booth, close the door, and press the START button. The booth will talk to you and tell you when to turn. After you are all done getting sprayed, let the booth heater dry you. Step out of




the booth, pat your body (staring with your legs) with a towel that is provided for you to get rid of some of the excess spray, and you are on your way. We hope you enjoy your tanning session!


 Will I be wet when I step out of the Mystic Tan tanning booth?
The mist applied in the Mystic Tan tanning booth is very fine. You may see small droplets clinging to any body hair on your arms or legs. This remaining moisture can be removed quite easily by toweling dry. Do not worry about wiping off the solution with the towel. Toweling does not streak the tan and any solution that comes off on the towel was excess and will not affect your tan. Just towel off the same way you do when you take a shower. Be sure you have toweled all areas before dressing.


How long do I have to wait after a Mystic Tan tanning session before I can shower?
We recommend that you wait a minimum of 6 to 8 hours after spray Tanning to give the DHA enough time to fully set. If you shower earlier, you may diminish the intensity of the tan. When you do shower the initial tan created by the water-soluble bronzer will wash off, but the FHA will remain and create your longer lasting tan.


What happens if the Mystic Tan mist gets in my eyes?
There is nothing in the mist that will harm your eyes.


Do I need to cover my hair while tanning in the Mystic Tan Spray Booth?

Many customers wear disposable shower caps to keep the solution from getting in their hair. Other customers tan without covering their hair. The Mystic Tan solution does not penetrate the hair follicle.


Has anyone had an allergic reaction to the Mystic Tan tanning solution?
All of the components of the Mystic Tan tanning solution have been used in cosmetics and food products for decades and have proven to be safe for use on the skin. If you have had previous allergic reactions to self tanning lotions or cosmetics you may want to do a patch test by putting a small amount of the Mystic Tan solution on a small area of skin to test for possible reactions.


Do I need to hold my breath during the Mystic Tan tanning session?
We recommend that you hold your breath during the actual misting process, which lasts for 14 to 18 seconds. We make this recommendation because most individuals would prefer not to breathe in the mist even though there is nothing in it that would cause any harm if you did breathe it. If you have a history of asthma we do not recommend that you tan in the Mystic Tan Spray Booth until consulting with your physician.


Will the components of the Mystic Tan solution make my skin have an unpleasant smell?
Some customers have commented that they noticed a starchy smell on their skin for a brief period right after tanning, but it is usually not noticeable to others around them.


Are there ways to enhance the Mystic Tan results?
Yes, applying an approved moisturizer prior to tanning helps the skin absorb the Mystic tan tanning solution.  We recommend a good tanning accelerator, which we sell at the front counter. Using a moisturizer frequently will help the tan last longer. You should not apply any moisturizers or lotions to the skin after tanning until the DHA has had time to



set, usually 6 to 8 hours. Certain types of moisturizers or lotions applied using this period could cause streaking of the DHA. Ask your Mystic Tan Consultant.


Can I go swimming after tanning in the Mystic Tan booth?
You should not swim or shower for a minimum of 6 hours after tanning in the Mystic Tan booth. Swimming in chlorinated water at any time can bleach the Mystic Tan and possibly cause streaking.


How long after a Mystic Tan tanning session before I can put my clothes back on?
Once you have towel dried there is little chance of the bronzer or DHA getting on your clothes. If you pursue any strenuous physical activity after your Mystic Tan tanning session, perspiration may cause some of the bronzer to transfer to your clothing. Since the bronzer is completely water-soluble it will wash out.


How many times do I need to tan with the Mystic Tan tanning process to achieve the color I want?
You will be tan after one, but it may take several sessions to achieve your desired color. Once you reach the color you desire you should be able to maintain it by tanning every four to five days.


If I tan in the Mystic Tan tanning booth, can I also tan in tanning beds and in the sun?
Yes. There is nothing in the Mystic Tan tanning solution that would prevent you from tanning in tanning beds or the sun. In fact, a number of customers have found that tanning with UV rays and the Mystic Tan tanning solution actually gives them a better overall tan. If you do plan to use a tanning bed and the Mystic Tan booth in the same day we recommend that you tan in the tanning bed first. Remember however, that the Mystic Tan does not give you any protection from UV rays.


Because of my fair skin, I have never been able to tan before. Will the Mystic Tan tanning booth give me a tan?
Yes. The Mystic Tan tanning booth was designed specifically for individuals who can’t or don’t want to tan conventionally.


How does Mystic Tan deliver the perfect tan?
The Mystic Tan booth utilizes a spray on process designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each individual based on their body size, skin type and desired color. For each individual profile, three tanning level options are available to produce optimal results.


Benefits of Using the Mystic Tan Spray Booth


Conceals Scars

Scars and other versions of skin damage force people to feel uncomfortable in various styles such as shorts, bikinis, and tank tops. Darkening the skin by spray tanning hides these marks from visibility. It is so important for men and women to feel confident in the exposure of their skin.


Saves Time

Not only does spray tanning save time from hours in the sun, it is also saves time in comparison to laying in the tanning bed. It is as simple as coming in, undressing, jumping in the booth, redressing, and getting out.



No Ultraviolet Radiation

The spray tanning booth is perfect for those who are sensitive to the sun's ray and the bulbs in the tanning bed. There is no heat or burning involved.


Even Tone 

Compared to all tanning methods, spray tanning allows for the most even of tones. The spray substance can also be adjusted after the spraying is complete by spreading the dye to ensure an even tone.